Sleep Training

What does a Sleep Practitioner actually do?

Sleep Practitioners (also known as Sleep Coach, Sleep Consultant or Sleep Trainer) work with parents and children to help introduce better sleep patterns into their routines by developing Sleep Plans and offering guidance and support as needed through prescribed or bespoke sleep packages.

Why use a Sleep Practitioner?

Families approach Sleep Practitioners when they are experiencing difficulties with sleep or where they are looking to establish positive sleep associations. An unhealthy sleep routine can affect a child’s behaviour and development as well as causing sleep deprivation for parents resulting in negative effects on their personal and working life. Due to this there is a growing demand for Sleep Practitioners to help families who are unable to cope themselves.

Does using a Sleep Practitioner mean I am a bad parent?

Absolutely NOT! Everyone has their own story and just on the fact that you are considering seeking help makes you an incredibly strong person. I speak to many families from all walks of life and you would not believe how many families struggle when it comes to bedtime and overnight. Asking for help is not a weakness or something that should be looked down on. Improving sleep for your family benefits everyone.

So how did you become a Sleep Practitioner?

This role suits those who are passionate about helping others, and usually come from careers such as paediatric nurses, health visitors, midwifes, carers, nannies, childminders, nursery nurses or even parents who may have struggled themselves. I realised when I was a childminder that I have a knack when it comes to children. I have helped so many of the families that I have worked with over the years in many different ways. Something I kept getting told was that I should offer my sleep adjustment skills and knowledge as a service for families in difficulties or crisis.

What do I get when I book you?

Well I always promise you can do two things;

  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights!
  • Say hello to stress-free bedtime routines!

See below for the two packages I offer. Be proud you are optimising your child’s growth and development!

So how much does hiring you as a Sleep Consultant cost?

As I’m sure you are aware sleep practitioners can be quite pricey but I don’t believe in charging through the nose for such a service.
Children are easier to adjust their sleep pattern the younger they are but babies are a little different. Especially newborn babies(0-3 months).

Everything from the morning into the afternoon and evening can affect a child’s sleep pattern so we would need to have a chat on the phone to establish what the child’s routine is.
After which I would be able to advise the best course of action.
I do not usually offer this service to infants under 3 months old. This stage newborns wake when they are uncomfortable, poorly or hungry so there isn’t much a sleep practitioner can do because they are too young to truly benefit from it. Sure there are things that can help but for the most part these techniques are for the immediate situation on the day rather than the overall routine.

If you would like to book me to come and help your family the price varies depending on a number of factors.
(Providing you are in the Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch area)

Then should you need any further assistance then it’s £30 for a 2 hour bedtime visit.
This is usually me either leading the bedtime routine while parents observe or assisting the parents to do it themselves depending what the parents would find most useful.


With any of my services I am hired by you to do things at your pace in a way you are comfortable with.


It’s worth noting that Controlled Crying does not work until a child is around 6-9 months old. Also known as “letting them cry it out”.
It does vary from child to child but Controlled crying definitely does not work nor appropriate for use in children under 6 months old.
Controlled Crying definitely has its place in Sleep training but only under specific circumstances.


This is just a general overview of Sleep Training as I need to speak with you to best advise on what the best course of action is.


So get in touch!
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Just think… This time next week you could have your own bed back with your child sleeping in their own room in their own bed for the entire night!


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Specialist Childcare Practitioner
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