Sleep Consultancy:

Being a sleep deprived mother is not easy. No one warns you about it, no one teaches you how to deal with it and no one lets you know how hard it is to function on little sleep.
It seems like everyone else’s baby is sleeping through but your little treasure still feels the need to drag you out of bed many times a night!!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Treasure the Moments Childcare is now offering a sleep consultancy service.

What is a Sleep Consultant?

A sleep consultant is a professional who comes into your home and trains your baby to sleep for 12 hours every night. This can be done in as little as 5 nights!
Using a nurturing and caring method, teaching your baby to sleep throughout the night without bottles, cuddles, rocking etc and enabling the whole family to get sleep and feel human again! 

How do I get a sleep consultant?

An initial telephone assessment is required to see if a Sleep Consultant is appropriate. Following the assessment the Sleep Consultant will come to your home for an initial visit for a few hours and discuss your baby(s)/Child’s sleep issues and get a picture of their 24 hour routine. They will spend time listening to you and provide you with an individual plan to meet your Child’s age, stage of development and sleep concern.

If you are comfortable with the plan and wish to go ahead, the sleep consultant will then arrange which 5 consecutive nights are most suitable to come and sleep train your children!

Sleep consultants fees:

The sleep consultant charge £75 for the initial consultation with the family. 

Most sleep plans are structured over 5 nights.
5 nights (12 hours each night)
£475 for one baby/child

Additional Nights:
12 hour
£95 per night for one baby/child

Additional Children
£30 per child, per night

Please note that times can be flexible for each family’s individual plan and requirements.