Childcare Services

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About me

I am a Specialist Childcare Practitioner & Photographer for the respective subsections of Treasure the Moments.

Services Offered:

  • Nanny
  • Babysitter
  • Doula / Birthing Partner / Maternity
  • Sleep Consultant / training
  • Behaviour Training/adjustment

To me, having someone look after your children isn’t simply being in the house while parents are out. It’s about providing childcare! Which is all about trust, safety and sticking to the family’s routine and rules while having fun!
Children tend to warm to me instantly as I have worked with them in one way or another for over 15 years.
I have worked in maternity in hospitals as well as paediatric wards.
Being an ofsted registered childcare provider was really fun and challenging but when my own child came along I didn’t renew my registration and pursued my passion for photography. I have worked with children of all ages but the bulk of my experience is with newborns to school aged year 2. (0 – 6 years old)
So yeah, I have a lot of experience, Not including my own two children; my son, born 2014 and my daughter who was born September 2022.

When the pandemic hit I chose to rework my career choice and combined the two things I love! Photography and working with children so now I do both.
Instead of providing childcare at my own premises (like I did previously) I now work where the parents need me on a adhoc arrangement around when I am not doing my photography commitments.

I live close to Castlepoint in Bournemouth with my wife Fiona and we have two small dogs. I have a 7 seater vehicle with appropriate business insurance and a clean driving licence.

I’m all about the outdoors! There are learning opportunities everywhere and I use these to nourish, encourage and aid in your child’s development.
I feel it is important to constantly provide environments where children can thrive and exceed all their milestones.
I have experience with children of all ages and references can by provided from past customers.

I am a trained Associate Practitioner. I currently have a zero hour contract with the NHS.
My main areas of interest are:

  • Accident & Emergency
  • Maternity Department
  • Paediatrics Wards

As you already know, I am also a Photographer!
Parents often comment that they knew they’d receive photos, but didn’t realise they would be getting free professional standard photographs alongside their child spending time with me.

So choosing me you don’t just get a previously graded good by Ofsted Specialist Childcare Practitioner…. You also get a healthcare professional and a Published Photographer!

When I was previously registered with Ofsted, I was an accredited Childminder offering childcare from my own home.
I resigned from Ofsted in 2015.
When I started the Childcare section of Treasure the Moments in 2021, I decided I wasn’t going to register with Ofsted again because of the paperwork and time commitment it demands. I will not provide childcare in my own home. It isn’t equipped like my previous property was. The house my wife and I have bought doesn’t have the layout for it.
As I am also doing my photography and occasional shifts at the local hospitals it really isn’t worth the time it requires to register with the regulator.
I am unable to accept government funding or vouchers due to no longer being Ofsted registered.

I aim to take on a more of a consultancy role offering my knowledge and expertise to families in the community that require assistance and support. I offer emergency last minute and or temporary Childcare as a Babysitter & Nanny.

I hold a full and enhanced DBS clearance which is subscribed with the update service.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to make a booking please visit the Contact page and either Call Me, Send me a WhatsApp or send me an email!

Wayne – Treasure the Moments Childcare
Specialist Childcare Practitioner