Boudoir Photography

My Boudoir shoots are normally requested by the bride-to-be and added onto my wedding packages but anyone can request to have one!

What is a Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is the art of celebrating your incredible body by creating beautiful, sophisticated and timeless images that honour your lived experience, preserving those memories for years to come. Clothes on or clothes off, everyone has a different reason for wanting to be photographed; and the privilege for me is that it’s in my power to make you feel empowered, confident, strong and sexy as hell; whether you want to mark a life milestone, document a journey, reward a personal achievement or simply celebrate your fabulous self in all your glory. I want to leave you with images you’re going to obsess over and use as a constant reminder of exactly who you are, and why you are proud to be you.

What is a Couples Boudoir Photoshoot?

Couple specific Boudoir photography is a genre that celebrates how beautiful you are, as individuals and couples. It is the opportunity to celebrate how you are as a couple and get that passion fired up again, re-kindling with each other and taking a pause from busy lives.  What was it that attracted you to each other? What do you find most beautiful in him? How does she make you feel when it is only the two of you together on a date?

Be together and celebrate being you and creating memories for years to come. This could well be your ultimate date yet. You can be playful and be yourselves, flirting with each other and feeling alive again!

At the of the session, you will enjoy seeing your images in a cinematic presentation and designing an album or wall art for you to enjoy for years to come. So that each time that you look at those photographs, you remember what it is that you are for each other. It truly is a visual legacy of your relationship.

Wedding Boudoir package

Boudoir photography is very popular. Many Brides-to-be want to celebrate their independence and make the occasion by being made to feel like a film star or glamorous model from a vogue magazine for the day.
Wedding Boudoir shots are often taken at the wedding venue itself before the big day, usually in the honeymoon suite for a couple of hours. This makes the pictures even more special and also looks effective for creating the required tone, setting and scene.
Boudoir shoots are fun and help build the brides confidence before the big day.
Some brides do group sessions, make it part of their hen-do, or involve their bridesmaids and friends to add the fun element (and also for support and encouragement)
A small album of shots of the bride-to-be is often presented to the groom as a special, personal gift on the morning of the wedding.

Do I have to get naked?

The choice is completely yours. Clothes on or clothes off, everyone has a different reason for wanting to be photographed.
I do not shoot explicit nude poses. Some photographers do, but that is not what I am about.
I never capture images with nipples (or anything else!) on show.
I do work with implied nude & side angles. See my portfolio for examples
No two people are the same, and it’s really important to me that you’re offered a completely bespoke package to reflect your level of comfort.
Whether you’re rocking a floor-length vintage ballgown, a sensual bodystocking or anything in-between, I’m here to make you look fabulous!

I do not want photos of me on the internet. Will you respect this?

Due to the personal nature of boudoir photography, One of the first things we do when we meet is sign a disclaimer. It states the photographer will never post photos of clients that have an even remote suggestive tone or a state of undress online without written consent for each image.
Think of it this way, Everything I post without first obtaining consent should be fine to view on a work computer in the middle of an office without any second glances. If it is NSFW (not safe for work) then I always think twice before posting. I respect my clients and would never breach the trust that I am so well known for. (that’s an NHS worker for you!)

Some facts about Boudoir.

Boudoir photographs tend to be inspired by fashion photography. It is my aim to make you feel special and worth of even being in a magazine.
Boudoir photography is not explicit; is normally involves artistic poses, where the subject is partly clothed, in underwear, or has their modesty covered using sheets or drapes.
My pictures tend to be sensual elegant or suggestively erotic, with a suggestion of undress – I NEVER shoot sleazy or pornographic material.
Photographs are often in soft focus or black and white to make them even more flattering (or forgiving)

What do I need to bring with me?

As a good starting point, I recommend two or three full outfit options, plus make sure to bring a pair of killer heels (or two), a comfy robe and some dazzling costume jewellery, as well as any sentimental props you might want to place within your shots on the day.

There is a handy guide and suggestions that I point my clients to for how to prep yourself for a Boudoir Photoshoot.
This can be found here