Boudoir Photography

My Boudoir shoots are normally requested by the bride-to-be and added onto my wedding packages.

  • Boudoir photography is very popular. Many Brides-to-be want to celebrate their independence and make the occasion by being made to feel like a film star or glamorous model from a vogue magazine for the day.
  • Wedding Boudoir shots are often taken at the wedding venue itself before the big day, usually in the honeymoon suite for a couple of hours. This makes the pictures even more special and also looks effective for creating the required tone, setting and scene.
  • Boudoir shoots are fun and help build the brides confidence before the big day.
  • Some brides do group sessions, make it part of their hen-do, or involve their bridesmaids and friends to add the fun element (and also for support and encouragement)
  • A small album of shots of the bride-to-be is often presented to the groom as a special, personal gift on the morning of the wedding.

Some facts about Boudoir.
Boudoir photographs tend to be inspired by fashion photography. It is my aim to make you feel special and worth of even being in a magazine.
Boudoir photography is not explicit; is normally involves artistic poses, where the subject is partly clothed, in underwear, or has their modesty covered using sheets or drapes.
The pictures tend to be sensual elegant or suggestively erotic, with a suggestion of undress – I NEVER shoot sleazy or pornographic material.
Photographs are often in soft focus or black and white to make them even more flattering (or forgiving)