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Childcare type: Childminder & Night Nanny review

We don’t require regular childcare anymore but I was asked by Wayne if I would mind leaving a review.

Wayne cared for my child 5 days a week when she was 2 years old right up to she started school. She continued in his care before and after school until she was in year 1.

He is extremely trustworthy and my daughter still loves going to the childminders house for overnight care every now and then. (it is extremely relaxing knowing she is somewhere safe and she enjoys allowing us to enjoy a night off every now and again!)

I remember being extremely stressed out when I started looking for childcare, then I met Wayne.
The whole experience has been stress free since!!
I’ve seen him with other people’s children and he is so gentle and patient. (But I’m guessing that’s what you’d expect from someone that works at the hospital!)

Bottom line: Wayne genuinely is amazing and the children love him!
5 stars all round!

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