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Completely Trustworthy, experienced and my daughter ADORED him!
Wayne is a treasure! super cool, hard working and dependable! He was an amazing male role model for my daughter back when he was a childminder!
He is comical, trustworthy and very good at his job! He takes the safety and wellbeing so super seriously but with a laid back attitude. To him, safeguarding children is paramount. Do not worry about him being a male. I was initially, but honestly, he is better with children than most of the mums I know! He had to take my daughter to A&E because she wouldn’t stop being sick and he was worried about her fluids/hydration. He acted in a calm and speedy way that she was cared for expertly. the nurse told me I’m really lucky to have a childminder with such knowledge because she could have Ben
come very unwell if left to it.
Although this was many years ago, having just seen his profile I had to leave a review for him!

Lizzy will be needing a babysitter soon and I’m delighted to see that Wayne is still in childcare!

Mum of 1 – 10y girl
July 2023

Super Manny!
Wayne is incredible with my two boys. He is punctual, reliable, kind, engaging and supportive! I appreciate not having to worry about my boys whilst I’m at work, and I know that they’re being very well taken care of. My two love him picking them up from school and enjoy their time with him. Thank you for everything Wayne, you’re a superstar ⭐️

Mum of 2 – 6y boy & 10y boy
January 2023

Superb !!! 🙂

Wayne is very trustworthy. He looked after our little one as we had Something come up unexpectedly. From the moment we got in contact, Wayne was professional and friendly.
We were unsure what to do as never had to use childcare before.

I certainly didn’t think of a male to care for my child by default but he really is SO GOOD with children.

Don’t let the fact his is a man put you off. When you meet him you will see how approachable and kind he is.

When we first spoke he wasn’t at all pushy and actively made sure to not pressure any decisions by insisting we contact him again after we had time to digest the information he gave us. That was a nice touch because it was very appreciated.

Choosing childcare is so hard but honestly, if you have read his profile, make sure you message him. He will be your godsend. When we met him for the first time he got down to our son’s level and you could tell there was a bond. He loved Wayne playing and spending time with him. His focus was completely on our child.

He is competent and trustworthy. He provided copies of his driving licence and passport and had his DBS with him which we checked online and showed as valid and current and showed us the originals (which was excellent as we know that everything is in order).

Nothing is too much trouble for Wayne and he will do everything to ensure anyone in his care is safe and having a blast.
He accepted bank transfer and invoiced us for the service.

Thanks for making the process effortless and not time consuming as time is so important to us.

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for childcare.

Mum of 1 – 4y boy
December 2023

Super “Manny” Wayne isn’t just a nanny.. he is a cook, a photographer, a nurse, a playmate, someone that children LOVE! a responsible person, trustworthy, an entertainer, a gifted person, very likeable, tidy, a big kid(hehe) and very dependable.
Wayne really helped me out earlier on in the year and I don’t know what I would have done without him. Thanks Wayne. The Super Manny!

Mum of 2 – 3y boy & 7y girl
December 2022

An absolute Treasure!

Wayne has been an absolute god send looking after our 2 young boys, I was so worried about leaving them with anyone else when my mum fell poorly and I was determined to find the right person.

Right from the offset Wayne’s communications via message really put me at ease, he gave me lots of information and advice, as soon as I spoke to him on the phone I sighed a huge sigh of relief, he was very open and lovely, professional and told me all about himself which really put me at ease.
When Wayne first came over to meet the boys he dropped straight to their level and sat on the floor with them doing magic tricks and playing with their toys, they warmed to him instantly.

With Wayne’s NHS back ground I felt safe that he could look after them from a first aid point of view too which is brilliant.
From day 1 Wayne was talking them on walks and adventures… even potty training the little one!

Wayne is literally Mary Poppins and super nanny all rolled into one and genuinely such a lovely guy.
We are really sad that our time with Wayne is coming to an end but hope to see him again in the future for more dinosaur hunts and days at the arcades!

Thank you SO SO much Wayne, we really can’t thank you enough and wish you all the best in everything you do in the future and hope to stay in touch. Clair, Chris and your best mates Archie and Teddie xxxx

Mum & dad of 2 – 18m & 3y
August 2022

We don’t require regular childcare anymore but I was asked by Wayne if I would mind leaving a review.

Wayne cared for my child 5 days a week when she was 2 years old right up to she started school. She continued in his care before and after school until she was in year 1.

He is extremely trustworthy and my daughter still loves going to the childminders house for overnight care every now and then. (it is extremely relaxing knowing she is somewhere safe and she enjoys allowing us to enjoy a night off every now and again!)

I remember being extremely stressed out when I started looking for childcare, then I met Wayne.
The whole experience has been stress free since!!
I’ve seen him with other people’s children and he is so gentle and patient. (But I’m guessing that’s what you’d expect from someone that works at the hospital!)

Bottom line: Wayne genuinely is amazing and the children love him!
5 stars all round!

Mum of 1 – 7y
September 2021

I have chosen to use Wayne to care for my 3 children as he was very accommodating of my requirements.
My 16 mth old daughter who is being cared for by Wayne 4 days a week took an instant liking to him and we had absolutely no issues with leaving her on her first day.
She gets on well with the resident dog Milo who is also very friendly.
My 2 older sons are dropped off & collected from school on the days my daughter is with him & they too get on well with Wayne.
I get updates on the days activity via smartphone and information is also provided through the secure website he uses.
So far I’m happy with the service that has been provided by this Childcare setting & would recommend to anyone who enquires.
All my children come home happy & if they’re happy, then I’m happy. 🙂

Mum of 3 – 16m, 4y & 7y
October 2015

Absolutely fantastic! I’m a first time mom and as my daughter, completely new to daycare. I was actually focusing on nurseries rather than childminders, but the moment I entered the house of Wayne, I changed my mind literally immediately. The main reason what changed my mind is that Wayne actually involved my daughter straight away in our conversation and gave her the chance to get to know him. At the end of the day it’s her who will have to spend most of the time there. I haven’t seen that in any nursery I have visited. She appreciated it a lot and got very quick comfortable with him but also with, for her new, environment. Wayne is a natural with kids and you can tell straight away. Also, he’s very professional and well organised. I have absolutely no worries at all leaving my little one with him. Wayne is always sending me with pics of my daughter when she is there which always brings a big smile onto my face. The prices are great and the fact that there are quite flexible (overnight care, weekends for example) is another big bonus. Long story short, absolutely brilliant child care. Wayne is focusing a 100% on the children and being very professional at the same time. Exactly what I was looking for.

Mum of 14 month old girl
May 2015

The first thing Wayne did at our initial meeting was to connect with my (then) 4year old son, at a level that he was comfortable with. Once he knew what my son needed, liked and wanted, he answered all our questions with ease.
As fulltime working parents,we loved this setting because the hours and payment arrangements are flexible and tailored to suit our individual family needs. My son was also very happy in Wayne’s care, and would actually be upset when he couldn’t go to Wayne’s.
He ensures his staff feel the same.

Due to Wayne moving out of Cornwall, we couldn’t use Wayne anymore, but a new job has come up and relocation for our family, means that my son could be returning to Wayne’s care. My son will be over the moon and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to send him there again.

I would also recommend his Childcare to anybody. You will not find any better childcare anywhere!

Mum & Dad of a 4 year old boy
November 2014

Best child minder ever. He does this because he loves the job. Does so much for my child and has a absolute wonderful working relationship with each child. Highly recommend his services. My boy will spend every minute he can with Wayne!

Mum and Dad of a 5 year old boy
June 2014

Wayne really is flexible and affordable childcare.
But most of all Wayne really cares about the children. He takes time to get to know the child and their needs.
My daughter has only been going to his childcare for a short time but her development is progressing a lot quicker. She comes home saying more and more new words each time she visits. She really enjoys her time there and is keen to show me what she has been doing/learning throughout the day.
It is very obvious this is more than just a job to Wayne, he is enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated.
I wouldn’t want my daughter to be looked after by anyone else!

Mum and Dad of a Two year old girl
May 2014

I had just started a new course, found myself a new job working shifts, in a new city hundreds of miles away from “home” so I needed to find a flexible & reliable childminder. As mother of a young boy with small development issues I needed somebody who understood his needs and could help me help my son to reach his full potential.

I then found Wayne’s Childcare on the internet. After a bit of research and plenty of discussions I decided to meet Wayne. He now attending and he is developing so well, he is always so happy to see Wayne and sometime doesn’t want to come home! 

Although I am a little jealous, (only joking!!!) I can’t thank Wayne enough!!  🙂

see you bright and early in the morning!!

Mum of a Two and a Half year old boy
December 2013

Although Wayne is now a qualified childminder from his home, He has been offering his babysitting services to me since August 2012 on a ‘as and when’ basis. He is very reliable and I completely trust him.

When I was looking for someone for babysitting I was cautious as my child means everything to me, I had to make sure whoever picked knew how to handle emergencies, had my childs best interest in mind and actually cared!

Wayne was lovely, when when I first met him he provided me copies of his identification and a list of people I could contact if I so wished to obtain references. He showed me his certificate for First Aid (specifically for paediatrics) which reassured me he took it all very seriously. I found the whole process a breeze and since then my 9 year old gets so excited every time he comes to babysit.

I am so lucky to have a babysitter that I can call/email anytime and gets back to me within a few hours. Sometimes I have had a last minute invitation to something and had to phone him two hours before and he has been able to cover. Top notch Babysitter.

Primary school Teacher & Mother of a 9 year old boy
July 2013

I was looking for someone flexible to look after my son 3 year old son and 8 month old daughter so My Husband and I can have the occasional night out. As my husband and I both live away from family due to being in the RAF finding childcare was not easy. Until I met Wayne! When I first got in contact with Wayne he answered all my questions promptly and arranged to meet.

When we met, he was professional and came prepared with copies of his identity which showed he took it seriously. My Daughter has really taken to him and my son loves getting all his new things out to show Wayne. He understands how to relate to children connects with them on their level and is marvellous with kids.

Loads of my friends are surprised and curious about my decision of picking a male to do the job. But when I explain that he is actually better then most of the mums I know they soon come to realise and some have even booked him after swearing blind they would never have a man look after their children. Just goes to show that there is good childcare providers out there and Wayne is one of them! 11 out of 10!

So whether you are single, married, living away from home or just need a break. Use this fantastic, trustworthy childcare provider and get in touch with Wayne!

Mum and Dad of 3 year old boy & 8 month old girl
June 2013

I recently looked into finding childcare for my little boy part time. I received an email from Wayne who was very polite and friendly answering all my questions promptly.

I would recommend Wayne to all my friends and family as he is very committed in working with children and is very reliable and trustworthy!

Thanks for all your help!!!

Good Luck in the future Wayne 🙂

Mother of one 3 year old boy
August 2014