Whistleblowing Policy

As a Childcarer working alone I am more vulnerable to allegations of abuse being made against me or my family. I will take precautions to protect myself from this happening by:


  • Ensuring all my household members over 16 are DBS cleared.
  • Never take your children into my home.
  • Undergo regular training i.e. approved local safeguarding authority Child Protection Course
  • Ongoing suitability and disqualification checks.
  • Document every accident and incident that occurs whilst in my care, informing parents and requesting them to sign my record.
  • Noting any marks on the children when they arrive and asking parents to inform me of any accidents that have occurred whilst outside my care.
  • Ensuring that children are supervised at all times.

However sometimes allegations are made and this unfortunate situation cannot be avoided. I will then follow the procedure detailed below, in order to gain support and professional advice.

People/companies I may contact:

  • I will ask any witnesses (if there were any) to also write a statement detailing the incident they witnessed and giving their contact details in case it needs to be followed up by the authorities
  • I will write a detailed record of all related incidents, including what was said and by whom, with times and dates. These will be recorded on a complaints form.
  • Family Solicitor
  • Insurance Legal team
  • Local authority – BCP Council

If you have concerns about a professional working with a child you need to contact your Local Authority Designated Officers.

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Date Created: 5th January 2020
Updated: 19th May 2022