Nappy & Toilet Training Policy

I am happy to accept babies and children in nappies.

I require you to provide me with the following:

  • Nappies
  • Any cream that you use on your child

I will change your child regularly and immediately if they have soiled a nappy. I believe that changing a nappy should provide lots of opportunity to communicate with your child and as their understanding grows provide time to discuss basic hygiene issues, preparing them for potty training. (Examples of this can be found in the Birth to three development matters framework)

When your child starts to show signs that they are becoming aware of their bodily functions I will arrange a convenient time to meet with you and discuss your plans on potty/toilet training your child. It is unusual for a child to be ready to be potty trained much before their second birthday and for some children it can be a lot later. Please do not be concerned if your child shows no signs of being ready yet. It is very important that we work together to potty train your child and pick a suitable time to do it, when we can both dedicate time. If we start the training and your child is not ready then we can stop and start again when they are. Some children take to potty training overnight for some it is a longer process, the most important thing is that we work together to give your child the support and reassurance they need during this period. I will provide you with daily feedback on how we are progressing with the training.

In order to help your child become independent in going to the toilet the following equipment can be useful:

  • Potties
  • Toilet trainer seat
  • Steps for the toilet and the wash basin
  • Potty training colouring sheets
  • Books and videos on potty training

There are lots of useful websites on the Internet. I found the NHS website useful.

Please let me know if you wish to discuss your child’s potty training.

Treasure the Moments Childcare

Date Created: 5th January 2020
Updated: 19th May 2022