Payment and Charges Policy


  • ALL payments are required before the childcare can take place.
  • All contracted hours MUST be paid in advance.
  • Any fees due over and above your contracted hours will be calculated and added to your next invoice.

Retainer Fee:

  • If I have a vacancy available but you do not require it straight away an “optional” retainer fee may be charged. A retainer fee is charged when a place is being reserved for your child in the future thus preventing me from offering the place to another child and therefore losing potential income. Retainer fees are charged at half of the price of your normal monthly fee. They are not a “credit” towards future childminding fees and they are non-refundable


  • If there is a discount on your contract you must adhere to the terms of that discount. (paying monthly in advance for example)
    Please refer to contract

Hours of Business / Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm

If you need care outside of these hours, please ask and I might be able to accommodate.


Illness (me/my family): no fees apply

Illness (parent/children): full fees apply

How & When to Pay:

  • As stated in your contract you agree to;
  • Pay your childcare invoice in advance BEFORE the first day on the contract.
  • Contracted hours must be paid in advance & in full
  • Fees are applicable if your child is absent due to illness or if you take holidays. Fees are not applicable when my service is unavailable, e.g. my holidays or my sickness.

Methods accepted

  • Direct Bank Transfer (Using reference on Invoice)
  • Cash (you will receive a duplicate invoice stating it has been paid within 24 hours)

Late Payment:

  • I would be grateful if you could ensure prompt payment of invoices. If I have not received payment before the childcare is due to commence, I reserve the right to cease childcare services until I receive full payment.
  • For the purpose of working out “days” weekends and bank holidays are included. (unless otherwise stated)
  • I also reserve the right to request a deposit so if you fall behind with payments the deposit will be used to clear the debt and the childminding contract may be terminated without notice.

To avoid any unnecessary stress, please ensure payments are made on time.

For more information please refer to your contract or get in touch.

Treasure the Moments Childcare Services
Date Created: 5th January 2020
Updated: 19th May 2022