Alcohol and Drugs Policy

As I work alone and will have sole responsibility for your child whilst they are in my care. It is vital that I am alert to any dangers and able to protect him/her. In order to do this effectively I must not be under the influence of alcohol or any form of drugs (including some prescription medication) If I am prescribed medication, other than routine antibiotics  I will not drink any alcohol during minded hours or immediately before. I do not take any illicit drugs at any time.

If you have been drinking, perhaps a work leaving do, Christmas party or whilst entertaining clients I would prefer if you arranged for another responsible adult to collect your child, especially if you plan to drive home.

Drugs and alcohol are now more readily available to younger children. If I have any concerns that your child may be drinking alcohol, taking drugs or smoking I will discuss the matter with you immediately. I will work with you to support your child, however I reserve the right to terminate our contract with immediate effect if I am concerned that your child’s behavior due to drugs/alcohol may be putting the others at risk.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Treasure the Moments Childcare

Date Created: 5th January 2022
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