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Behaviour for Learning
Behaviour Management Policy

All children have the right to be cared for in a happy environment; therefore it is important to ensure that all children know what is expected of them what the boundaries are. In order to achieve this I maintain rules which set reasonable and appropriate limits to help manage the behaviour of the children.

I help the children understand rules, which are realistic and I am consistent in the enforcing of them.

I use the “Authoritative parenting” style of behaviour management. (not to be confused with Authoritarian parenting!)

I will ensure that:

  • what I expect from the children is reasonable and achievable, depending on their age and ability
  • I make myself clear by giving an explanation of what behaviour is unacceptable and why
  • I am a good role model
  • I listen to what the children have to say
  • I reward good behaviour
  • physical punishment or threat of physical punishment is NEVER used, including smacking
  • physical restraint is not used unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent damage to themselves; other people or property. Parents will be informed should this happen.

There are several ways to deal with a child who is misbehaving and I will use different ones depending on the age/stage of ability of the child and the situation:

  • Remove the child from the situation and give them an alternative activity.
  • Depending on the situation I may ignore the bad behaviour as I feel it is being done to get a reaction.
  • Discuss with Child. If the child is able to understand I will discuss their behaviour and try and get them to appreciate the consequences of their actions on others. I will ensure they understand that it is their behaviour I don’t like, not them.
  • Time Out. Removing the child from the activity and sitting them quietly alone for a few minutes

I will never smack, shake or hurt your child.

I will not humiliate your child.

Some children can become upset if the incident is retold in front of them. Therefore if the child misbehaves I will let you know by either writing it in their daily diary (if they have one) or by ringing you later. I will also inform you of how the matter was dealt with. In most cases the matter will not require any further action, punishing a child hours after an incident achieves nothing but confusion and upset.

If you have any concerns regarding the managing of your child’s behaviour, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is important that we work together on managing behaviour in order not to confuse your child.

Please Note: I reserve the right to end contracts if I feel your child’s behaviour is putting other children at risk or humiliating them.

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Date Created: 5th January 2022
Updated: 19th June 2022