Asthma Policy

I am willing to care for a child who has asthma and have put together the following policy and procedures. I recognize that asthma is an important condition that affects many children.

I will:

  • encourage and help children with asthma to participate fully in activities
  • ensure children have immediate access to reliever inhalers
  • ensure the environment is favourable to children with asthma
  • ensure that other children in my care understand that asthma can be serious
  • ensure that I know what to do if a child has an asthma attack to protect
  • the child’s welfare in the event of an emergency

I need parents to provide written information detailing:

  • what asthma medicines the child takes and when
  • what triggers the child’s asthma and what to do if the child’s asthma gets worse
  • emergency contact details
  • I will ask parents to tell me about their child’s asthma symptoms, how to recognize when their symptoms are getting worse and how to help them take their reliever medicine.
  • I will record this information on the child’s personal record form

My agreement to you

I will allow children with asthma immediate access to their reliever medicine whenever they need it. This may include allowing them to carry it on them either in their pocket or inhaler pouch, if they are mature enough to do this.

I will always inform parents if their child has experienced asthma symptoms and had to use their reliever medicine. If, after discussion between the parents/carers and the doctor or nurse, it is believed that a particular child is too young to carry their inhaler, I will keep it with me.

I insist that I am also given an inhaler to keep at my house, in case the child forgets to bring it back with them I will ensure any spare medicines stored by me are labelled and have not passed their expiry date.

Treasure the Moments Childcare

Date Created: 5th January 2022
Updated: —

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