Photography FAQ

The biggest question of all – Why should you book me?

  • Simply put I am unique. You will not find anyone as hard working and approachable as me. Every photographers style is different when booking me you are also booking my style.
  • I am often told I am fun, engaging and make the atmosphere really relaxed.
  • I am good at putting people of all ages at ease which enables the opportunity to capture incredible moments which you can look back on forever.
  • I am very competitive in pricing. My packages cannot be beaten for the quality of service and images you will receive.
  • I am dedicated to the task I am set and will not allow myself to be distracted.
  • I am fully covered by public liability insurance
  • I also work at the local Hospital so I am DBS/CRB checked and cleared


Please be aware most of these questions are focused on Weddings so therefore some of these questions may not be applicable for the type of shoot you are looking to book.
If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.


Do you only photograph Weddings?

Not at all! I cover other shoots and events too! Details are on the Services Page here

When will we see the photos?

I will post summery sneak peak of the shoot to my Facebook page. Depending what package you went for depends on how long it takes to deliver the complete package. A guide time for wedding photos is 3-6 weeks. At the very most I guarantee you will have the package you ordered no later then 2 calendar months from the next working day after the wedding.

For other photoshoots such as modelling or family shoots my normal turn around time is 2 weeks. (Please note if you request a larger number of images then it may take longer but you will be advised of this prior to shooting.)

Will we get hi-res (large, print-size) photos?

Yes. the hi-res photos are perfect for you to print yourself. The low-res photos are for posting onto social media.
Super hi-res photos (for canvases and very large portraits) can be purchased at an additional price per photo.

Do you mind us sharing your links and photos on social media?

Please do, I encourage it! Everyone wants to show off their photos to friends and family! I would be grateful if you credit Treasure the Moments though. Tagging/Sharing is a lovely way to do this.

Do you do group photos? (Wedding)

Yes about 6-8 group shots after the ceremony. It will help massively if you can arrange someone to help coordinate this though. It can help save a lot of time.

Can you hold a date for us?

A deposit secures the date for you. Without a deposit you run the risk of someone else booking your special date! Do not delay as until a deposit has been received I cannot hold a date.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have shot a few weddings now. I am hired by you and apart from some ground rules, I will do everything in my power to make your day a wonderfully memorable one. My reviews speak for themselves.

What experience do you have with children?

Aside from being a daddy to my little boy born Nov 14, I had my own childcare business which I decided to closed so I could focus on other things (furthering my passion for photography was one of them!)
During the time I had the childcare business I worked with children from as young as 9 months to 5  years on a daily basis. Before and after school as well as the school holidays I would care for older children too.
I also have worked on a children’s ward in hospital and have experience with different kinds of illnesses and conditions.

We’re on a budget. Can we have a discount?

Most couples are on a budget, I have priced my packages very competitively so I do not offer discounts. If you compare my services with other local photographers you will see I offer more extras for less money.

A friend has a good camera and has offered to snap our wedding, Why hire a professional wedding photographer at all?

Having a friend shoot your special day can have its advantages, one being the price. But there are more disadvantages you need to be aware of. Wedding photography involves listening, planning, preparation, understanding the to-be-wed couple’s personal needs and preferences. A photographer needs to be confident, comfortable at managing large crowds and be sensitive and considerate while keeping things light, calm and fun throughout. A wedding is a time for celebration. surely you would want your friend to enjoy in the celebrations! I make it my mission to capture the atmosphere, spontaneity, engage with the audience make them laugh and enter the spirit of the day. No two weddings are the same. Ever!

I am nervous and not used to the camera. Will this be a problem?

Not at all! You will be surprised how often I hear this. Being in front of the camera doesn’t come naturally to most people so don’t worry about that as I am very used to helping people by giving gentle direction on how to pose to achieve the results you want.

I want to give my partner some images in an album as a gift on the morning of the wedding. But I’ve never done Boudoir or anything like it before. Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. If this is something you want to have done then by all means!
Moral support can work wonders when shooting this style of photography. I do everything in my power to make you feel at ease. I leave the room if an outfit change is required and encourage you to keep a dressing gown close by for when we aren’t actually shooting. I do everything to keep modesty intact and it is important that you feel comfortable at all times. If you take a look at my reviews you will see what others have found when they have used my services.
I am very aware how daunting the experience can be so I remain professional and understanding when doing your shoot.

We’re getting married abroad – do you travel?

Yes I love travelling!  I am happy to travel for a booking. I have a valid passport and my insurance covers me anywhere in the world. Get in touch to discuss further.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?

I feel this question has only really been asked since the pandemic. Only a very serious illness would prevent me from shooting your wedding. I will not let a sniffle get in the way of my work. I always follow guidance provided by the NHS. In the event I am physically unable to e.g. unexpected hospital admission, I will help you find a suitable replacement person to shoot your wedding then pay them the money you paid me.

Who owns the copyright of the images?

I retain the copyright for the images. Details can be seen here. However you do have permission to print and use these photos for personal use, you must not edit them as this would breach the copyright.
You must not use the photos for sales, commercial or marketing purposes without first obtaining express written consent from myself.

Do we get edited images? Can we have the RAW/Original files?

The answer is simple. NoNever. It is standard practice that photographers do not share their RAW images.
To avoid disappointment please do not ask as the answer will be the same every time without exception.
You do not need the RAW files. Each RAW image is about 20mb – 40mb. As with all photographers, unedited raw files by themselves look terrible and RAW files are unsupported by the run of the mill computers. When I take the photo I normally take them with how I’m going to process them in mind.
I take pride in my edits and making the photos I take look wonderful is all part of the service.

You will receive the processed stunning images in .jpeg format in a high resolution, completely watermark free.
Some photographers charge extra for higher resolution images but I include them as part of the package!

So, Where do we go from here?

If you feel I will be suitable to be your Photographer then contact me to book a free consultation. I will come and meet you, Normally at your home, to discuss the finer details. If this something you would like to go ahead with then we will fill out a Contract for Photography which means I am legally bound to the terms set our in the agreement. A deposit secures me for your special date. You will be receive a confirmation notice and a receipt to show you have paid a deposit and a invoice detailing when the remaining balance is due by.
We will meet a month before the wedding at the venue (if possible) to go over the running of the day in finer details. This is where you give me the instructions for any special requests you have. As always I would only be a text/email away to answer any questions you have.

For further details please check out my Policies & Procedures or if you are looking to for information on how to book click here

Thank you

Wayne – Photographer
Treasure The Moments