Release of Digital Negatives

Photographer will release the high resolution files (digital negatives) from the Event and other pre-events (ie Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, Engagement Session) to Client upon the completion of the album providing the balance of the account is at Zero.
If Client does not order an album, the images may be purchased separately based on Photographer’s current rates for digital negatives.

These files will be delivered via data DVD, a USB thumb drive, or by an online digital download. By releasing the digital negatives, Photographer authorises the Client to use the images received for their own personal use, including printing of the images at a lab of Client’s choosing, sharing on social networking sites (ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The digital negatives will be of the same quality as the images that are presented to the client online. Photographers are not responsible for the quality of enlargements from these files that have been taken to a non-professional and/or consumer photo lab. No images may not be sold or published anywhere without the prior written consent of Photographer. Photographer will retain the copyright of the images as well as the exclusive rights detailed above under “Copyright and Reproductions.” Requests for additional and/or replacement copies of these files may be purchased and are subject to Photographer’s then current rates for replacement copies.

Wayne – Treasure the Moments – 2nd March 2018