Exclusive Photographer

Photographer shall be the exclusive photographer retained by Client for the purpose of photographing the Event. Family and friends will be permitted to photograph the Event as long as they do not interfere with the duties of Photographer, and additionally, will be asked not to take pictures while Photographers are posing the couple, bridal party, or families. Client, by agreeing to this Contract, permits Photographer to request family and friends to not interfere with said process, where such a request is necessary to ensure the contracted services between Photographer and Client can be completed. The Photographer can in extreme circumstances refuse to photograph while other guests are interfering.

By signing this Contract, Client understands and agrees that Photographer is the exclusive official photographer retained to perform the photographic services outlined in this Contract.

This policy is in place so the day runs smoothly and that the end product has the best results.
For example, if after a wedding the group shots are taking place and there are other people behind the photographer taking photos, the subjects in the photographs may all be looking in different directions.

Wayne – Treasure the Moments – 2nd March 2018