Cancellation or Postponement

If Client should cancel the event for any reason, any money paid will not be refunded. To cancel this Contract for the event Client must notify Photographer in writing.

If Client wishes to postpone or otherwise change the Event date, Client must first submit a written release to Photographer bearing the original contracted date, which will void this Contract.

If the Photographer is unavailable on the new date, the Contract will be cancelled and any money paid will not be refunded. However, if the Photographer is available for the desired new date, Photographer and Client will execute a new contract, and all monies paid will transfer to the new date. The new date must be within 6 weeks* of the original date or the new contract will be subject to Photographer’s rates at that time. Any discounts applied to the original contract will be void with no guarantee that another discount will be applied.

Changes to Booking Policy

Wayne – Treasure the Moments – 2nd March 2018