Childcare: Babysitting

Babysitting from Treasure the Moments Childcare is where we come to your house and care for your children while you are out. Typically in the evenings but could be during the day time.

This service isn’t usually for the school runs or meal preparation. If that is what you are looking for, no problem!
Take a look at the Nanny service instead!

Simple pricing inclusive of 2 children.
Minimum booking is 4 hours @ £40.
More than two children or longer than 4 hours?
See below.

Babysitting rates including additional hours

Five Hour Booking

  • One child:
    £40.00 + £7.50ph = £47.50
  • Two children:
    £40.00 + £10.00ph = £50.00
  • Three children:
    £47.50 + £12.50ph = £60.00
  • Four children:
    £55.00 + £15.00ph = £70.00